Company foundationSi_stozar

Company STEL-INVEST s.r.o. is registered in business registry - section C, insert 39596 and was founded by agreement of two colleagues Jindřich Minařík and Zdeněk Svoboda. Company's main office is in Brno, Cejl 76, zip code 602 00 Czech Republic. Company follows up previous business activities of these two entrepreneurs.

Company line of business

Our main activities are backup power supply, LV substation reconstruction and realization, and construction work. In these areas we provide complete installations including engineering. We also specialize on regular inspections and non-stop emergency service according to service agreement.

Our company is registered for these types of businesses :

  • power engineering consulting
  • electrical equipment design
  • production of electrical machines, equipment and low voltage electronic machines
  • LV switching boards, batteries and cables production
  • installation, repair and inspection of electrical machines
  • installation, repair and inspection of electronic equipment
  • installation, repair and inspection of electrical equipment up to 1000 V and over in class A buildings
  • telecommunication equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  • technical service
  • investment construction engineering
  • building construction, improvements, demolition
  • real-estate agency
  • estate management and maintenance
  • equipment rental
  • service interagency
  • wholesale